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ChoiceMD is the new online medical community connecting patients and doctors to health related non-profit organizations, community support and services within their area.

  • 97 percent of consumers search for local businesses online, according to data released by Google. Be found and join the only local medical community on the internet for Miami-Dade County.
  • Promote and drive traffic to your business. We have taken steps to ensure that patients return to our site for community events such as support groups, seminars, charity events and volunteer opportunities to name just a few things. Our traffic is your traffic.
  • Attract new patients by building your profile and showcasing your services. Patients will be able to search for you by specialties, services, insurance carriers, hospital affiliations, languages spoken, among many other things. The more information you provide the easier it will be to find you.
  • Know when your patients are looking. We have implemented programs within our site that will allow us to provide you with reports that show how many people saw your ad; unlike printed ads where this is virtually impossible to track.
  • Build greater awareness for your website through linked advertising.
  • Be found – 2% of all the physicians in the US can be found within a 50 mile radius of Downtown Miami. Take steps to ensure that you are found among the masses.
  • Easy directory updates to make sure your prospective clients have your up-to-date and current information.
  • Make business information available such as hours of operation, multiple office locations, your practice description and many other things.
  • Make changing information available in real time with easy directory updates to make sure your prospective clients have your up-to-date and current information.
  • We are mobile. Choice MD is on the move, in the palm of your hand.
  • Online advertising is cost effective. Reach a large audience quickly and at a lower cost than many other medias.
  • Choice MD can get your attention and keep it because we’re interactive, informative, unbiased and in real time. Once we have patients’ attention we work hard to keep it by providing information regarding health and events within the community.

By embracing a holistic view towards healthcare and including information on medical non-profit organizations and education as part of our services we are offering a resource to the medical profession for impact on their patients health outside the office.

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