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Alzheimer's Walk - Ways We Help Nonprofit Partners

I’ve shared in the past how everything we do to support our nonprofit partners is free of charge, because the work they do in the community is immeasurable. What I haven’t talked about is another way in which we support our nonprofit partners, by starting teams and participating in their charity events.

Supporting Nonprofits

I’ll be honest, the first event left me feeling like Greta Thunberg in her initial campaign year. Simply because it was a challenge to incentivize people to participate without a tie to the cause and I felt alone in my efforts. Most people only participate in a fundraiser for a loved one, but I truly believed that we could raise enormous amounts of funds by supporting in numbers. I also knew that South Florida has the largest population in the nation of individuals living with Alzheimer’s, so I really thought it would be easier. Nonprofits do so much for our community, so naturally Choice MD works towards supporting them beyond financial contributions. Showing up and being there for such an important event was imperative.

Erase Alzheimer's, Not Memories

My idea was that our team would be open to the community, and if participants raised $100 they would receive a free Choice MD t-shirt. I had dreams of our team getting a special tent at the event, a spot reserved for top fundraisers, and I was hoping to turn our tent into a party with great food and prizes. I was sure that the word would get out and more people would join the following year. I also put a lot of thought into the design of the shirt as it was part of the incentive to joining our team. I hoped it would inspire others to become part of the movement. Raising $100 is an easy feat and I envisioned a sea of participants out there.

Looking Toward the Future

Well, things didn’t turn out that way, hence the reason I felt like Greta Thunberg, but I was surrounded by a few wonderful friends and family and we made a difference while making memories in the process. Albeit it was a tiny contribution, today I can proudly say that our efforts contributed to a treatment to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. We will be out there again supporting our partners soon and when we do, I hope you’ll join us!

Community Partners