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Why We Partner with Nonprofits

There are multiple things I love about my company, Choice MD but what I’m really passionate about is the work of our nonprofit partners, all of them. I’ll admit before my own diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis I didn’t fully understand what nonprofits did. For instance, when I was diagnosed with MS I refused to go to the National MS Society because I didn’t want to be a “lab rat.” I truly believed that nonprofits solely funded and conducted research.

When I finally connected with the NMSS Lone Star chapter my world changed drastically. While they did fund research, they most certainly didn’t conduct any. That said, they did provide programs and services that would eventually help me pay for my medications if I couldn’t pay for all (about 10 of them on a monthly basis). You read that right, I was taking upwards of ten different medications on a daily and weekly basis, and some of those medications would costs upwards of $1200 a month even with insurance. As an extremely stubborn and independent 21-year old, I chose to run up all my credit cards before admitting to my parents I was no longer able to make ends meet and live independently. The emotional support and financial assistance the National MS Society provided was a life line thrown to me that I never imagined needing. I really don’t know how things would have ended up for me if I never connected with the NMSS and I’m glad I don’t have to. I learned invaluable lessons from the Lone Star Chapter and what I am most grateful for is the knowledge I gained in understanding that we need to take care of our emotional wellbeing just as much as we need to take care of our physical wellbeing.

It’s funny how gratitude works, I’ve never forgotten the people at the Lone Star Chapter and just thinking of them brings a smile to my face. I am forever grateful for them stepping in and rescuing me in my darkest of times and that's also why I felt compelled to start Choice MD.  Anyone facing a physical or emotional problem needs to connect with individuals and organizations aimed to help their problems – it truly is amazing what can happen when we reach out and ask for help. It’s why I have placed our partners at the center of our home landing page. They hold a special place in my heart and on our site and I invite you to learn about them, connect with them and support these amazing organizations in whatever way you are able to. After all, their work was invaluable during the pandemic as I saw each and every one of them making strides in our community for a more inclusive and equitable city.

Community Partners