Medical Facility: Top 5 Children's Hospitals in Florida

In the State of Florida, there are 186 medical facilities in practice. Included in these medical facilities are pediatric hospitals. But which of these many pediatric hospitals are the best?

There are many components to what makes a medical facility great. The number of services they provide, how they provide the service, and how much they care.

The pediatric hospital not only has to deal with a patient but their families as well. How they treat the family is also an important part.

To help you find the best pediatric hospitals in Florida we made a list. Many of these hospitals provide specialized care and advocacy programs. Continue reading to find out more about what makes these hospitals great.

1. UF Health Shands Children's Hospital

Located on The UF Health Shands Campus is the UF Health Children's Hospital. The UF Health Shands Children Hospital has over 20 pediatric specialties. Some of their pediatric specialties are:

  1. Clinical Cytogenetics
  2. Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
  3. Endocrinology
  4. Infectious disease
  5. Surgery

The UF Health Shands Children Hospital also offers a children's dedicated ER. The hospital ER can handle many situations. They can help children who have injuries or acute illnesses.

The hospital consists of 208 children's beds. Additionally, the hospital offers neonatal and pediatric intensive care units. The hospital is able to help children of all stages of life.

The UF Health Shands Children Hospital also has pediatric after-hours. Parents are able to make appointments for their children in the evenings and on weekends. This is a nonemergency consultation by licensed doctors.

The hospital also offers a program for children called the Child Life Program. This program helps families cope with the anxieties of hospitalization. The Child Life Program promotes supportive relationships.

2. Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

Another excellent children's hospital in Florida is Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. They have been serving the community for over 30 years.

They help treat children, teenagers, and young adults. The hospital emphasizes the importance of treating your child uniquely and individually. They strive to provide family-centered healthcare.

Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children has over 30 specialties in its department. Here are a few of the specialties that they provide:

  1. Complex and Transition Care
  2. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  3. Genetics
  4. Feeding Difficulties
  5. Diabetes

The Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children also has an emergency department and trauma center. Since they are a level one trauma center, they can treat everything. This Florida hospital trauma center is open 24 hours to assist your child.

The hospital also has a program called the Child Life Program. This program helps children process their emotions. It also educates children about procedures they are receiving.

3. John Hopkins All Children's Hospital

The John Hopkins All Children's Hospital classifies as a premier clinic. They provide their community with expert pediatric care. The hospital treats those who are infants through teenagers.

The John Hopkins All Children's Hospital has several missions when providing care. Their hospital wants to provide quality and compassionate treatment. They also want to educate families in hopes of better treatment results.

This Florida hospital has over 50 pediatric surgical and medical specialties. Some of their specialties include:

  1. Cystic Fibrosis
  2. Fetal Heart
  3. Heart Transplant
  4. Leukemia
  5. Chronic Pain

The hospital also offers emergency services care for infants to teenagers. The emergency care serves communities in the Tampa Bay area. They are open 24 hours to assist with any degree of injury.

The John Hopkins All Children's Hospital also offers advocacy programs. Unified4Allkids and Voice4Allkids are their programs. They stand up for children who may not have a voice.

4. Nicklaus Children's Hospital

Nicklaus Children's Hospital has been serving the South Florida area since the 1950s. Its mission is to increase hope and increase longevity in children.

In total, the Nicklaus Children's Hospital has 309 hospital beds for children. The hospital cares for all children up to they are 21 years old.

Nicklaus Children's Hospital has almost 800 physicians to care for the children. The number of physicians allows them to offer over 390 subspecialties in pediatrics.

Some of the pediatric specialties that they offer are:

  1. Dentistry
  2. Neurology
  3. Orthopedic Surgery
  4. Anesthesiology
  5. Spine Surgery

The hospital also offers four pediatric care centers in South Florida. These medical centers offer vaccinations, health checkups, and offer continuous care. Continuous care is for children who have ongoing medical issues.

They are one hospital in Florida that offers pediatric teaching. They offer several levels of medical education programs including undergraduate and graduate. They host workshops, lectures, and conferences.

5. Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

Since 1992, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital has been providing Florida with pediatric care. Their hospital strives to create an atmosphere that is child friendly. They want their patient to feel comfortable with getting treatment.

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital treats children with a variety of health issues. They treat children with minor issues to complex medical conditions.

Their hospital currently has 226 beds which is the largest in South Florida. They currently have a staff of over 650 at their hospital. 

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital has a Level-One Trauma Center. Their physicians are able to provide quality critical care to children. Their Children's Emergency Department is able to assist children 24/7.

For children who have ongoing medical problems, their hospital provides housing. The Conine Clubhouse provides shelters for families on campus. This allows families to be close to their children and save on travel expenses.

Other Medical Facility Options

Florida has some of the top leading pediatric medical facility programs. They are able to provide children with renowned care at these five Florida hospitals.

We hope you enjoyed learning about these pediatric hospitals. If you want to read similar content, check out our blogs. We post about medical content regularly for your enjoyment.