The Importance of Routine Dental Cleanings for Your Total Health

About 25.9% of adults between the ages of 20 and 44 have untreated caries. Meanwhile, only 64.9% of adults have visited a dentist in the past year. Without routine dental cleanings, you could put your oral health at risk.

Bacteria could spread, causing cavities to form.

Not many people realize their oral health can impact their overall health, too.

Here are seven reasons you should visit the dentist regularly. After reading this guide, you can recognize the importance of routine dental cleanings. You could benefit your overall health and longevity as a result.

Meanwhile, you can keep your teeth squeaky clean and dazzling year-round.

Read on to discover the importance of healthy teeth and gums today!

Prevent Cavities

Brushing and flossing twice a day helps remove food particles and harmful bacteria from your mouth. Otherwise, bacteria can feed on lingering food particles. You could develop a cavity as a result.

Routine dental cleaning could keep cavities from forming.

Otherwise, the food and bacteria in your mouth can cause plaque to form. Plaque is a sticky substance that clings to your teeth. Plaque can produce acid, which is able to erode the protective enamel on your teeth.

If plaque continues to build, a cavity might form. Cavities can create holes in your teeth. When left untreated, cavities can destroy the entire tooth.

In fact, cavities can lead to serious complications, including a tooth abscess or infection. If the infection gets into your bloodstream, it could become life-threatening.

Pay attention for signs that you've developed a cavity, including:

  1. Sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages
  2. A lingering sensitivity to sweets
  3. An ongoing toothache
  4. Brown, black, or white staining on your teeth
  5. A pit or hole in your tooth

One of the best ways to avoid developing cavities is to visit your dentist every six months. Regular cleanings can keep plaque from hardening into tartar. Otherwise, you'll need to visit the dentist to get tartar removed.

Visiting the dentist regularly can ensure you spot a cavity before it fully forms. You can receive treatment before the problem gets worse.

Regular cleanings are more cost-effective than filling a cavity or getting a root canal, too.

Your dentist can even provide helpful tips to ensure you prevent cavities from forming in the future.

Avoid Losing Teeth

Discovering the importance of routine dental cleanings will help you prioritize your oral health. For example, you can learn better brushing and flossing techniques. Brushing and flossing properly will keep plaque from forming.

Otherwise, plaque and tartar could lead to gum disease. If gum disease progresses, the plaque will move into your tooth. It could destroy the support bone tissues in your jaw.

This process might cause your teeth to become loose. They could even fall out.

Before that can happen, schedule your next dentist visit. Regular cleanings will minimize your risk of gum disease. Your hygienist can clear plaque and tartar away before it impacts your gum health.

Keep Your Breath Fresh

Routine dental cleanings can help you control the bacteria in your mouth. Some bacteria can contribute to bad breath.

Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day could help keep your breath fresh. If you've developed gum disease, however, brushing might not prove enough. You might need to visit your dentist to ensure your mouth is an odor-free environment.

Save Money

If you neglect your oral health, you could form serious health issues. For example, gum disease can progress into periodontal disease when left untreated. You might request extensive, expensive treatment as a result.

Instead of waiting for your oral health to deteriorate, consider scheduling routine visits.

Remember, a routine check-up will allow your dentist to spot potential issues before they progress. You'll only have to pay for the dental cleaning or oral exam. You could save money in the long run as a result.

Otherwise, you might need to pay for multiple, more expensive procedures later on.

Consider scheduling a consultation appointment with your dentist. You can discuss your oral health goals and develop a customized treatment plan. Taking preventative measures now could benefit your oral health (and wallet) in the long run.

Brighten Your Smile

Foods, beverages, smoking, and medication can cause your teeth to look discolored over time. You might need to schedule a teeth whitening appointment to improve your smile.

Before your teeth begin to discolor, learn how to choose a dentist who offers the services you need. With regular cleaning, you can maintain healthy, white teeth. You'll have less plaque and tartar to worry about, as well as fewer stains.

Protect Your Gums

Remember, plaque and tartar could lead to gum disease. Gum disease can cause symptoms like:

  1. Spaces between your teeth
  2. Pain when chewing
  3. Pus between your teeth and gums
  4. Bad breath that doesn't go away after brushing
  5. Gums that feel tender
  6. Gums that bleed easily
  7. Swollen or puffy gums
  8. A change in how your teeth fit together when you bite down
  9. Gums that recede from your teeth
  10. Loose teeth
  11. The loss of teeth
  12. Bleeding gums when you brush or floss

Gum disease can develop when plaque forms on your teeth. Plaque can harden under your gumline, causing tartar to form. You could develop gingivitis as a result.

Before that can happen, schedule a routine cleaning at your dentist's office right away.

Avoid Harmful Diseases

Not many people realize that their oral health and overall health are connected. Scheduling routine cleanings could help you avoid other health conditions.

For example, oral bacteria can cause inflammation and infections. An infection could lead to heart disease and clog your arteries. You could experience a stroke as a result.

Bacteria and germs can travel from your teeth to your heart. You could develop endocarditis; an infection in the inner lining of your heart chambers.

Your risk of arthritis, diabetes, and pregnancy complications might increase, too.

Improve Your Overall Health With Routine Dental Cleanings

Don't put your oral or overall health at risk. Instead, consider the benefits of routine dental cleanings. With regular checkups, you can keep bacteria, plaque, and serious conditions at bay.

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